Who we

OMANDESIGNWISE is the child of applegreendesign which was founded in Germany in 2003. applegreendesign has become a trend setting company in Europe.

At OMANDESIGNWISE, we offer an exciting mix of multicultural inspiration translated into contemporary designs.
In everything we do you will still feel the cultural background of Oman.

We create event concepts and we turn your ideas and goals into mesmerizing reality; keeping in mind your budget, timelines and objectives.


At OMANDESIGNWISE, we understand the vision and core values of your organization. We believe in thorough planning and preparation to provide the best results to meet your demands.

Whether you are a well-known global brand, or small business just getting started, we will design, create and deliver to meet your marketing strategies and business goals. We are providing world-class services which exceed your expectations while keeping our prices competitive.



Britta Gerdes

CEO & Creative Director Passionista, entrepreneur and inspiring designer with an obsessive compulsion for details. Fifteen years of legendary experience. Made in Germany.

Rania Agha

Managing Partner Marketing Manager for more than a decade and the 'Queen' of coffee foam. Event enthusiast and in her spare time she is the stunt double for “Shakira”. Made in Lebanon.
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Khalid Al Balushi

PR Manager A social bee making impossible missions possible, a customer-oriented hero with a big fan base. Made in Oman.

Kate Hall

Project and Production Manager Experienced in entertainment. Once described as the world's funniest human...by her mom. Made in England.

Mohamed Mustafa

Event Organizer Started as team member on the “Ninja Turtles”. A curious, resourceful event organizer since 2010. Mahshi, martial arts and action movies are his thing. Made in Egypt.

Aziz Shabbir

Design & Execution Executive Experienced versatile designer with a fast paced career love for MMA & basketball love to do sketching, singing. Made in India


``Branch Manager`` Six months old and already a hit with our clients! Likes sleeping in every part of the office, chewing the cables and greeting clients at the door with a wagging tail.